PHP Software Architect

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

172 dias atrás

We're running an Online Hiring Event every Saturday to hire PHP Software Architects ($60K/yr).
Online Hiring Events are live forums designed to enable you to understand the role and requirements through an interactive Q&A session followed by a self-directed testing process. The testing takes between 3-5 hours to complete. It’s worth taking the time to finish all the tests because we evaluate every single complete application to find the top talent.
This event will include all testing required to apply for the role. Upon grading the tests, and if you advance, we will set up an interview with the hiring manager.

As a PHP software architect, you can expect to be a member of one of our central assembly line teams such as the maintenance team.
Our maintenance team is responsible for bug fixing across our 100+ product portfolio. The maintenance team has an element of product specialization but they are also process specialists. We want to ensure that our engineers have all the right information and toolsets available to be able to quickly reproduce a client’s environment, reproduce a bug, fix it, test it, document the fix and send for review. We have weekly product release cycles so we want to ensure that bugs get fixed as quickly as possible for our clients and that we are constantly improving the quality of our products.
In all cases, you will have aggressive daily and weekly targets to work against and you can expect to receive daily and weekly feedback about your performance. The regular feedback is used to help you improve immediately and to help you resolve blockers which may be slowing down your performance.


- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering
- 5+ years experience as a software engineer using PHP
- 1+ years experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used
- Have a minimum of 2 years experience leading or mentoring junior developers
- 2+ years experience in writing unit tests
- 2+ years in an environment where you used architecture principles and frameworks
- At least 1 year of working experience using cloud services such as AWS
- Experienced using Jira and Git
- General database knowledge in a technology such as SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL / MongoDB / Cassandra
- SOA, EDA, and Design patterns
- Javascript (ReactJS, AngularJS) , HTML5, CSS3
- Some experience in Linux, Django, REST and shell scripting
- Demonstrate success as a problem solver
- Be a results-oriented individual
- Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world
- Good proficiency in the English language
- These are the recommended and minimum system requirements for participating in the online hiring event: PHP 7+ / Laravel 5.6+ / MySQL 5.6+ / Xdebug / Any IDE / Any MySQL client


- MVC and knowledge of another server-side programming language (Ruby, PHP) is desired but not mandatory

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BOOTCAMP PROGRAM: To apply for a role at Crossover, you will go through a series of online tests, usually during the online hiring event. If you pass these tests, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our four-full-time week Bootcamp training program. This is elite training taught by our top instructors.

Here’s what our graduates have to say about Bootcamp:
"I am very pleased to say that because of Crossover's unorthodox and unique way of transferring the knowledge through (Paired sessions, coaching sessions with CSMs), I have never been more confident in my technical skills and abilities for my role." -Mikael F

"The CTO Bootcamp was another thing that motivated me. I wanted to see how CTOs across the globe work and learn from them." -Javed Z

"I've been with the company since Aug (been part of the second Bootcamp) and since then I've learned SQL, databases, servers, tapes, other content management systems etc- and that's only been in 3 months. Usually when I'm in a new company, I learned a lot about their platform, their tools etc during the length of my time with them but never at this speed!" -Monnaliza T

It is offered as soon as you want to get started. You will be compensated for 40 hrs/ week at the hourly rate for the role you are applying to. Bootcamp training is an excellent opportunity to learn about our culture, expectations, tools, processes, and procedures. It's an intensive and demanding program, but every graduate is guaranteed a job at the end of it. Join our community of remote professionals!

Join our community of remote professionals! We have over 4,000 Crossover team members and are growing our network around the world. Watch this video to hear from team members in Brazil, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, and Hungary.