Baggage Services Agent


228 days ago

To provide assistance to passengers whose baggage is mishandled, issue reports, trace and and
endeavour restore the missing baggage to the rightful owner as soon as possible achieving customer
satisfaction and goodwill of the airline
Attends to passengers arriving on various flights at arrival, assists them and raises the property irregularity
reports for any mishandled baggage through World-tracer system. Issues airline kit bags to those
passengers who are eligible to receive on behalf of the airlines, records the details of same in the system
and replenishes the stock.
Job Accountabilities
  • Respond to queries from passengers about their mishandled bags while dealing with them face to face and on telephone.
  • Despatch the left behind baggage or baggage received for transfer, to the stations concerned by strictly adhering to the security implications and airlines' procedures, so that all the bags are re-stored to the owners as quickly as possible. Forwards all unclaimed bags back to the respective airline headquarters after 05 days under advise to the local airline office.
  • Record all unclaimed baggage, security items and found articles received from various airlines, in system within 04 hours of flight arrival. All tag-less bags should be recorded in system immediately to achieve the best tracing results. Ensure that they are stacked, stored properly and their locations are updated in the system.
  • Ensure that delivery of claimed baggage is done against proper documents. Co-ordinates with Ground Operations for the delivery of all offloaded baggage and through tagged baggage for passenger collection and deliver them against baggage claim tags.
  • Monitors and process action file messages within the same shift and see that at-least 80> of the incoming messages are responded, within the same shift. Ensures that all the passengers are kept regularly informed of the status of their missing bags.
  • Ensures files of all missing bags are closed within 03 hours of flight arrival and passengers are kept

informed immediately of the arrival of their bags. Arranges home delivery for those airlines , who has an

agreement with DNATA , using services of car rental agencies as quickly as possible.

  • Ensures that baggage short-tagged to Dubai is re-tagged on onward flight, on receiving telex message from Transfer desk or instruction from Airline representative.
  • Corresponds with 49 Emirates outstations in receiving their unclaimed bags, updating , in the system and storing them safely. Tagless bags found in Dubai are opened in the presence of group security and contents are updated for possible match with the missing bags.
  • Organise Left Luggage store systematically keeping the left luggage separately in racks. Ensures correct charges are applied on all Left Luggage bags. The amount collected is deposited in the company's bank account.

10 Years schooling or equivalent
Experience :
Airport Operations.Baggage Handling
3 Years
Must have completed the basic passenger services courses, like "An Introduction to Civil Aviation" ,
World Tracer System and the Departure Control System.
Work experience in a customer service environment, preferably in the airline Industry..
Ability to communicate and correspond clearly and precisely in English, with preference to Arabic.
Ability to work under pressurised situations, deal with difficult and highly irritated passengers.
Knowledge of the baggage services handling procedures.