Civil Engineer / Junior Project Manager

HLB Hamt Chartered Accountants

240 days ago

  • Collaborate with engineers, architects etc. to determine the specifications of the project
  • Work with the client from the start of each project to ensure you understand the project scope and vision
  • Oversee the beginning of each turn-key project, including details like permit submission and design evaluations
  • Negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements
  • Determine needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) from start to finish with attention to budgetary limitations
  • Reviewing compliance with federal and local safety guidelines and standards
  • Identifies the needs for specialist resources to create project teams capable of completing effective, quality work.
  • Monitors and reports on the progress of all project activity including significant milestones, and any conditions, which would affect project cost or schedule.
  • Establishes weekly meeting to review project status and formulate action items.

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