Senior Construction Manager


71 days ago

The Construction Manager, under the Resident Engineer’s supervision is responsible for the management of the works on site on behalf of ADP Ingénierie: progress, quality and interfaces between the Client/PMC, Consulting Engineer and the contractors. The Construction Manager supervises the planning, coordination and implementation of construction projects in accordance with the contract, the codes & standards, and specifications, to the highest professional standards.

This role will report directly to the Resident Engineer and/or Project Manager.

The role involved, inter alia, the management of the daily activities and performance of the Supervision team . He/She has relation with:

  • All the local staff
  • All the external entities necessary to his/her job execution i.e. constant liaisons with the Client/PMC, Contractor(s) and other Consultants (when applicable) on project related matters.

Site Management & Deliverables – Construction Stage

  • Review/Prepare a site mobilization package for temporary facilities including site security and safety, independent testing services and camp development.
  • Review site activities and site related deliverables of the Supervision team and Contractor(s) during pre-construction phase.
  • Assist for the preparation of project execution plan.
  • Develop and implement a constructability program to maximize the advantage of early reviews during on-site design process.
  • Plan, mobilize and assign tasks to construction Supervision Team(s) for each construction area (Contracts)
  • Lead and supervise a team of multi engineering disciplines staff and contractor
  • Effectively evaluate technical proposals and its constructability, technology deployment, solving the technical site problems that may arise during construction.
  • Implement methods for dispute avoidance and resolution study
  • To lead expert team on Testing & Commissioning Procedure setting up.
  • Familiarize construction supervision personnel with the site and with contract obligations.
  • Hold preconstruction conferences and respond to construction related correspondence
  • Check/review Health & Safety measures at site.
  • Overview and supervise review of materials, shop drawings, method statements, mockups, etc… and ensure these reviews are executed on time.
  • Monitor the progress, schedule and coordination of the contractors by the Supervision Team
  • Prepare recommendations for the Resident Engineer in order to alert the Client regarding anticipated claims.

Qualitative Checks

  • Assist in preparing project specific construction management procedures (if required).
  • Review project execution for compliance with contract requirements.
  • Review contract requirements for notices contractors must supply including changes to scope or time of performance, delay of work caused by others, untimely client furnished equipment/materials, force majeure events, and changed site conditions.
  • Monitor quality controls and the labs management by Consulting Engineer.
  • Monitor contractual issues of the contractors.
  • Coordinate and brief the Client regarding all matters related to the construction (when required).
  • When requested, contributes to the engineering design phases of projects through participation in constructability reviews, lessons learnt and providing feedback on scopes of work to project managers.

Communication & Management

  • Ensure good internal coordination between engineers, secretaries and other project staff of ADPI at site.
  • Monitor performance of the construction management staff.
  • Manage ADPi staff on site including engineers.
  • Organize internal and external site meetings
  • Oversight of contractor activities to ensure projects are executed in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.

  • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering with 15 years of experience on large sized construction projects out of which 5 years in Airport construction projects or equivalent 25 years site & engineering experience
  • Knowledge of airport infrastructure and systems
  • Knowledge in Testing & Commissionning Activities
  • Knowledge of local laws and regulations
  • Experienced in managing and coordinating project tasks an d trade Engineering
  • Significant Experience on Contracting works
  • Strong interpersonal skills and capable of establishing respect and credibility through actions, communications, understanding, and personal presence.
  • Must be very organized and have effective problem solving, leadership and negotiation skills
  • Fluent in English; reading, writing and speaking
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • General computer proficiency and good knowledge