Principal Engineer - Civil & Structural (Offshore)


147 days ago

Scope of Responsibilities
Lead a team of engineers and designers in carrying out detailed
engineering work for large sized projects assuming entire responsibility for
conceptual and detailed design and provide necessary technical information
for procurement in compliance with tender specifications/data sheets and
within budgeted man-hour and project schedules.

DevelReview ITB (Invitation To Bid) documents
submitted in the proposals stage, issue inquiry requisitions, review
techno-commercial vendor offers, prepare equipment, material and man-hour
estimates. Establish engineering deliverables for earth works, concrete
works, steel works, road works and other related civil works.

Review contract requirements for project execution,
organize the preparation of the Technical Document Register (TDR), identify
requirements and scope of work; review specifications, Plot plans, General
Arrangement (GA) drawings, Review Philosophies, Area Classification Drawings,
Fire and Gas Detector Layout Drawings and other relevant documents. Establish contract review criteria,
identify and resolve discrepancies and divergences from original proposal
through the instigation of technical queries to projects/client.

Verify and conceptualize the most optimum work
route. Identify a clear scope of work/supply and accordingly plan/schedule
the engineering activities and manpower resource. Identify and quantity total number of
engineering deliverables, man-hour allocation, format of delivery, time
schedules and other requirements for execution of the work.

Coordinate with projects and planning on project
time schedules, establish target completion dates, ensure target dates are

Develop Manpower charts and schedules, recommend,
assign and distribute manpower for the execution of engineering activities
within budgeted project man-hours.
Recommend cost effective measures to reduce overall manpower costs.

Identify work scope requirements for civil works,
evaluate schedules in liaison with the other engineering disciplines
execution plans. Review and direct the
preparation of Inquiry Requisitions to vendors for Soil and Topographic
investigation analysis reports to identify factors such as soil strength,
underground water tables and other civil works which may influence design of
structure foundations.

Manage the follow-up process with vendor survey works,
review and validate vendor test results, identify deviations from original
work scope requirements. Incorporate Vendor investigative reports and Client
Project Design Data to frame the Civil Design Basis.

Review sizing calculations, concrete design analysis,
building design analysis, design of equipment foundation analysis, design
analysis of steel structures, dynamic analysis, finite element and numerical
analysis, roads and drainage, HVAC requirements, electrical system
requirements, fire and detection systems, instrument systems, telecom
systems, quantity estimations and other technical requirements and

Organize the preparation of topographic layouts,
earthworks/excavation drawings, boreholes locations, fencing, paved roads and
drainage, underground piping and foundations, architectural and conceptual
building drawings, control room layouts, substation layouts, machinery
shelters, service platforms, pipe racks, pump foundations, vessel and vessel
platform foundations, columns and other civil/structural drawings.

Provide inputs for the preparation of plot plans,
organize the issuance of engineering drawings and technical documents for
Inter-Discipline Checks (IDC’s) coordinate with other engineering discipline
in the integration of data inputs.

Direct the preparation of technical inquiry requests
(Inquiry Requisitions) to vendors, participate in the technical evaluation of
vendor bid offers. Direct and provide guidance in the Technical Bid
Evaluations (TBE), review vendor drawings and documents. Supervise the review of design
calculations, ensure vendor equipment specifications meet with client
equipment specifications and are within budgeted costs.

Coordinate the preparation of Purchase Requisitions
for the procurement of equipment and materials. Ensure materials are obtained within
scheduled timeframes and budgeted costs.

Interface and regularly meet with client and vendor
representatives, conduct internal staff meetings, ensure the progress of
project in accordance to schedule, allotted man hours and budgeted costs.
Coordinate with projects and planning departments on schedule related
issues. Update TDR progress reports
through the use of PETROCEPT software.

Interact with Quality Assurance for quality issues;
strictly ensure compliance with Company’s ISO Quality procedures. Coordinate Internal and Client audit
requests; facilitate audit procedures of engineering systems within the

Interact with other discipline managers and
engineers on a regular basis. Interface and provide clarification and
guidance and technical support to construction sites. Furnish final drawings,
estimation of quantities and other technical documents to construction
contractors through projects.

Participate in employee performance evaluations,
establish performance criteria, identify employee strengths and weaknesses,
and recommend training and development requirements.

Perform related duties as and when directed by
Direct Supervisor.