Civil Engineer

BF Consultancy

155 days ago


Civil Engineer vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Services of an experienced civil Engineer urgently needed in Dubai Emirate UAE.


The preferred candidate should have experience within the UAE of at least 3 to 5 years and has a card and licence from the Engineers Association and only from India and Pakistan origin.

The successful candidate should be able to undertake technical and feasibility studies including site investigations.

Should use a range of computer software for developing detailed designs such as Auto Card and undertake complex calculations.

Successful Engineers will be liaising with clients and a variety of professionals including architects and subcontractors.

Resolving design and developmental problems that may arise during various operations.

Scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries for the projects to be undertaken accurately and effectively.

Should also make sure the project complies with the legal requirements most especially health and safety.


The candidate should possess adequate experience in civil Engineering projects with a reputable company with ability to think methodically and manage projects.

Successful candidates should possess the required academic qualifications and training in the civil Engineering field such as bachelors degree in civil engineering or related field.

The candidate should be a hard working person with the ability to work under pressure in order to fulfill given assignments and problem solving skills.

Must also be well organized, fast and efficient in executing given task and meet tight deadlines at all times on given assignments.

Ability to work independently is a greatly required hence one must be self motivated and willing to execute the given tasks effectively.

This kind of work requires expertise in reading plans, blueprints and layouts in order to execute assignments as planned effectively.

Send your applications if interested.